LC Commission, Charges and Fees

Following charges may relate with letter of credit. All charges mentioned as under may not apply at the same time. However, here is complete list of charges that may apply.

Charges, Commissions and Fees
Commission Name When applied
LC Advising Charges Advising the LC
LC Transfer fee Transferring the LC
SWIFT charges Advising & Transfer of LC, reminders for export proceeds, opening of LC
Document negotiation charges Negotiating the documents
Postage/DHL charges Sending the documents
Document collection charges Collecting the documents
LC Amendment commission Amendment of LC
LC Cancellation charges Cancellation of LC
Discrepancy Charges Informing discrepancies
Acceptance commission Acceptance of deferred LC
DD/PO commission Local payment
Stationery charges Opening Import LC
IRC renewal fee Renewal of IRC
Other charges Any time
LC opening commission Opening of LC
FCC Opening of LC & amendment
VAT Opening of LC & amendment & Local payment
Source Tax Export proceed realization
Handling charges Export proceed realization